Mission Statement

Through our specialized curriculum and teaching methods, our goal is to espouse the importance of global citizenship in today's world and to develop global citizens. Hawaii's multicultural environment is suited ideally for nurturing and teaching students toward ILHA's academic goals.


Philosophy of Education at ILHA

Helping students to become global citizens requires a strong foundation about all aspects of their home country--knowledge of their country's history, culture, and language. The students gain this knowledge while studying at Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School and Shukoh Middle School. ILHA, in turn, helps the students to further their English learning and gain exposure to the people and cultures other than their own. Instruction at ILHA is directed to help students to function anywhere and in any society because the students will learn to adapt and survive in unfamiliar situations and environment. The students' overseas experience will help them to gain the confidence they need by learning the skills and ability to navigate and survive in a foreign country.