Principal and Dean

Earl Okawa
Hometown: Waialua, HI
Likes: Learning, teaching, and seeing others succeed
Goal: to develop ILHA into a full-fledged international school
Education: BBA, University of Hawaii; MA Personnel Management, Central Michigan University; Research Associate, Harvard University
Work experience: United States Air Force (24+ years, rank of colonel); President of Japan-America Society of Hawaii, Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Foundation, Ehime Maru Memorial Association; Independent business owner with ACN

General Manager

Tricia Ching
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Likes: Travel, hiking, swimming, and playing in the sun
Goal: To always give thanks to my parents for all they have given me, to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life
Education: BA English, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Work experience: Statewide volunteer coordinator and manager of the Toddler Reader Program at Read Aloud America; Independent contractor at Prudential Locations, LLC (Real Estate, 7 years)



Travis Butler (EFL Dept.)
Hometown: Tuscon, AZ
Likes: baseball, spicy food, and 19th century British literature
Goal: to rule the world
Education: BA East Asian Studies, University of Arizona; MEd, University of Phoenix
Work experience: English teacher (1 year elementary school, 4 years university, 4 years high school)

Bryan Takeshi Stevens (EFL Dept.)
Hometown: Pearl City, HI
Likes: video games, drawing, and hip hop music
Goal: to live a happy life
Education: BA International Studies, University of South Carolina
Work experience: English teacher (all ages, 3 1/2 years)