Visiting Pearl Harbor

While participating in the ILHA program, students will be taken on a field trip to historic Pearl Harbor, where they will be able to see first hand the place that is so important in the history of Hawaii, the United States, and their own country of Japan. Upon arrival, students will board the U.S.S. Missouri, and be given a guided tour of battleship, where they will hear stories and see artifacts of the war, and visit the very spot where World War II ended.

Next, they will watch a brief documentary film about the war and take a boat ride out to the Arizona Memorial, where the sunken battleship the U.S.S. Arizona, which was completely destroyed during the Pearl Harbor attack, lies underwater, undisturbed, a monument of peace and the grave the hundreds of Americans who lost their lives on that day.

Students will visit a place that forever changed the course of history and the relationship of the United States and Japan. Moreover, they will gain knowledge of what the horrors of war are and understand and value the importance of nations working together to build a peaceful world. And last, students can contemplate the value of being a global citizen and the attributes they study at ILHA.